Hello Nothing

Attempting to download an empty file to the LameStation will generate an error from PropellerIDE.

An empty file

so here we see the bare minimum that constitutes a Spin program.

PUB First

Well, that was easy!

This is called a PUB block, which is short for public function . Functions are areas where you write code that can do stuff. If your code is a sentence, a function is the verb, the action. You can put as many PUB blocks as you want into a file, but when you run your code, the Propeller will start by running the first public function that appears in the file. From that function, you can call other functions.

PUB First
PUB Another
PUB Third

All Spin programs must include at least one PUB block.


Spin is not case-sensitive.

PUB First

is the same as

pub first

Remember that!

View the complete example at /tutorials/Basics/HelloNothing.spin.

Bonus Round: Function Names!

Function names can contain letters, numbers, and underscores. However, the first character cannot be a number (that’s good; otherwise, they’d start looking like passwords).


  • hello_chicken

  • bacon123

  • _supertime


  • 123attack

  • extreme#@$**